About Us


Klaypeau - /klei/po - peau means skin in French. Klay is a play on the word clay - klaypeau essentially means porcelain clay like skin that is unblemished, flawless, and even toned.

Who we are
We are passionate about masking - we strongly believe the benefits of sheet masking regularly. The effects may not be so obvious day to day, but in the long run, we believe the regular masker can reap the benefits of their dedication. Not all masks are created equal, we love mixing it up and trying out all the different brands out there. Just like we try to mix what we eat every day to achieve a balanced diet, we believe our face require different nutrients and having a well-balanced variety can help us achieve that.

We aim to bring quality brands around the world to you and give you the option to purchase the masks you love in a single sheet format. Single sheet gives you more room to explore—you may love to try that expensive box of mask but adding just that 1-2 sheets into your monthly regime will allow you to reap the same benefits without going too much beyond your budget.

Is masking important?
We believe achieving good skin requires hard work from the inside out, and masking is one of essential steps to achieve that. We don’t claim to create miracles but we believe that regular masking (3-4 times a week, alternate days) helps to improve the overall skin condition as it provides the nutrients and moisture that the skin requires. Some may not notice much of a difference after masking unless they compare a before/after, but few years down the road, your face will thank you for that extra time and effort you’ve put in even after an exhausting day. In fact, why not let this be part of your wind down routine? Put on a mask and have a 10-15mins meditation session for better skin and a healthier mind.

What else do we believe in?
Do you have boxes of unfinished masks lying around - some maybe even past their expiry date? Do you constantly feel like there is no end to this decluttering of facial mask that is on your shelf? We had that problem too and hence we created this platform for our consumers to be able to purchase masks by the sheet (we know some brands already do that, but not all offer the option), and if you really love it so much and want that to be part of your core supply at home, then go ahead and buy a box. We believe that cutting down waste like this, is a small but sure step in helping the environment. And in line with that, our packaging will be minimal to reduce unnecessary waste.

We want to bring the world of masks to you. Do you know that good facial masks are not limited to Korean brands? Here at Klaypeau, we introduce to you great and affordable brands from Thailand, Taiwan, the US, and more.

But with so many brands out there, it may be hard to navigate and decide which is worth trying. A common problem faced by consumers who buy masks in boxes is wastage (not being able to finish before the expiry date) or being forced to finish using their old masks before trying out something else. As we love to try new things, it sometimes hinders us from making the purchase as we do not want to be stuck with the whole box sitting there unused.

At Klaypeau, you can try whatever you want and commit to the boxes thereafter. We sell most if not all of our mask on a per sheet basis - and if you really like it, you have the option to purchase the whole box

We also look to curate a facial mask monthly box - where we provide a curated mix of a box of 7-8 different masks for people to try things out every month.

As our skin is constantly changing as we age, our needs change too, and buying masks in single sheets helps you adapt to your changing needs flexibly. Dying to try that box of mask that seems expensive but not sure if it is worth it, or maybe it is out of your budget to get that whole box? Then just get that sheet or two!

Every brand and mask that we bring on here is either something we have used and loved or a product that is highly acclaimed based on the reviews. Of course, this can be subjective as everyone has different skin and needs, but we hope to provide you with the products that you find suitable and truly come to love.

So here’s to regular masking towards a porcelain-like skin!