The Best Brightening Masks for Fair and Radiant Skin

Klaypeau's Best Brigthening Masks for Fair and Radiant Skin

Radiant skin seems to be a common goal amongst most of us regardless of where we come from or our age. Achieving that, however, has not been easy with dull skin and uneven skin tone. Adding in some brightening facial mask that is packed with antioxidants as well as other additional hydrating and anti-aging properties into your skincare routine can help you brighten your skin tone and improve your complexion. We at Klaypeau strongly believe that every little step helps. That luminous glow from within can perhaps be one step closer to us with the right products. Here are the best brightening masks that we recommend for radiant and dewy skin.

Huxley Glow and Brightness

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Infused with the brand’s signature prickly pear cactus oil, this brightening sheet mask leaves the skin with a luminous, radiant glow and protects skin from harmful environmental stress. Huxley’s Glow and Brightness mask aims to illuminate and moisturize the skin while protecting it from harmful environmental stressors. For the uninitiated, the mask is a unique combination of ingredients that turns from clear to milky essence once they are mixed together. The edelweiss extract that can be found in this sheet mask is a particularly powerful antioxidant, with supposedly even more potency than vitamin C.

Dr Althea Natural Brightening Velvet Mask

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A velvet nano-microfiber sheet mask and evening out the skin tone by diminishing freckles and blemishes with regular usage, the velvet nano microfiber material helps to ensure more efficient delivery of the nutrients than regular sheet masks. The mask contains natural ingredients such as oatmeal, milk and rice extract that helps to brighten up the skin tone while at the same time providing the skin with intense moisture. The milk protein helps to boost elasticity and enhance the overall skin immunity, leaving the user with a healthy skin. The natural ingredients are gentle even for use on sensitive skin.

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Petite Amie Botanical Brightening Masque (Amazon Bloom/Tropical Nude/Warm Flora)

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Containing a myriad of goodness in a packet. This illuminating natural sheet mask contains Vitamin C, Niacinamide and an aqueous complex of 7 organic plant extracts which are rich in flavonoids, phenolic acids and polysaccharides that not only help increase the luminescence of the skin, but also help to maintain and improve the skin’s elasticity.

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L’herbloflore Lychee Translucent Hydromask

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L’herboflore is one of the top Taiwanese brands in sheet masks. Unsurprisingly, it had integrated their local produce into their products. lychee also rich in polyphenols - maintain skin elasticity and enhance skin brightness. sodium hyaluronate and vitamin b5 enhance moisture and radiance of the skin.

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Orgaid Vitamin C & Revitalising Mask

 Best Brightening Mask Orgaid Vitamin C & Revitalising Mask

A Vitamin C power-packed sheet mask which is not only made with over 70% organic ingredients but is also specially formulated with Ecoderma fabric technology that allows the serum to be absorbed into the deeper layers of our skin, increasing the efficacy of the product. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is often a key ingredient mentioned in skin brightening products, as it enhances the collagen synthesis in the skin. Lavender extract is also included to help soothe the skin and helps sun-damaged skin. Other key ingredients include rosehip which adds on to the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid. As much as we seek to improve the condition of our skin, it is important to not neglect the protection to not let all these money and effort we have spent go to waste. With this in mind, Orgaid has included pomegranate extract as a component of the sheet mask to protect your skin against the sun and environment.

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Shangpree Marine Jewel Illuminating Mask

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Illuminate your skin with this brightening mask, which also nourishes and contains numerous anti-ageing properties. This is an efficient product especially for most of us who are often strapped for time. The mask contains a potent blend of sea water, s-marine jewel and green sea finger that helps to intensely hydrate deep beneath the skin surface and smooth the fine lines on the face. These are the added benefits apart from helping regain that radiant complexion.

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